Norway Maple Acer Platanoides Z3-7 H 60' Spread 50'

Diameter 1-2 foot

Of the 13 maples native to North America Michigan is fortunate to have 7 that are native. One that is not is the Norway Maple. A favorite street and park tree and gives dense shade. Dense dark green foliage, similar to sugar maple leaves but has more leaf teeth. Best test of a Norway maple is to crush a leafstalk to get the milky sap. Its large  yellow-green flowers pop out  in May to June. Buds are rounded, dark brown on gray brown twigs. The fruit 1 3/4" ripens in the fall with the typical whirlybirds.  Bright yellow fall color. The bark is distinctively different from Sugar maple, young it is faintly striped, older it has a slight look of ash bark. The wood is hard, heavy, closed grained with white sapwood. It is good firewood. It prefers rich, well drained soil but can grow almost anywhere.  Does not get Maple decline as Sugars do but is susceptible to tar spots and leaf scorch though neither disease is fatal. Is considered invasive in many of the eastern states.





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