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We have Narrowleaf Poplar, Balsam Poplar, Souixland Cottonless Cottonwood, Highland Cottonwood, Theves poplar, Quaking Aspen, Big Tooth Aspen, Nor'easter Cottonwood, Prairie Sky Cottonwood, Robusta Cottonwood, Imperial Carolina Poplar,  Raverdeau Poplar and Lombardy Poplar. Buy poplar or cottonwood for a fast growing tree. These and other hardwoods and evergreens we have make excellent living windbreaks. The windbreak can be as majestic as a row of blue spruce or the wind break may be fast growing cottonwood if you only need a summer windbreak.

If you are purchasing cottonwood seedlings we can supply them.
Sean pruning Imperial Carolina Poplars Souixland cottonless Cottonwood Robusta

Order cottonwood windbreaks by PHONE: We're glad to take your order by phone. For your convenience, we have a toll free number  800 568-9179.  Phone orders can be charged to VISA or MasterCard accounts.

Order cottonwood windbreak by MAIL: For those who wish to order by mail or prefer to send a check, send orders to: Porcupine Hollow Farm   8593 W. State Rd.  Central Lake, Mi. 49622

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