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Catalpa, Catalpa speciosa Catawba tree, Western Catalpa, Harsy Catalpa

Zones 4-8

Habitat. Catalpa, also known as the Cigar Tree, tolerates a wide range of soils, including pH in the 7's, and is moderately drought-tolerant but it prefers rich, moist soils in river valleys. Tolerates shade. Catalpa speciosa (Northern Catalpa) grows to 50 feet tall in most urban locations, but occasionally grows to 90 feet.  This coarse, large leafed tree spreads 50 feet and tolerates hot, dry weather, but leaves may scorch and some drop from the tree in very dry summers.

Leaves. Opposite, very large, 8-12" long and 6-8" wide, heart shaped, dark green above and downy beneath, falling off at the first frost.

Flowers. The entire tree is covered in white flowers in June to July. 5" long.

Fruit. Ripens in fall, 10-20" long, giant bean shaped seed pods with fuzzy seeds in the pod. Persist into winter.

Winter Buds. No terminal bud.

Bark. Twigs are greenish and the trunk bark on the older trees is dark and furrowed.

Wood. Weak, light, coarse grained, soft, brown but the sapwood is very white.

Uses. Fence posts, rail road ties.

Pests. Root rot, mildew, leaf spot, catalpa worm. No serious pests.

Distribution. Virginia west to Kansas, south to Louisiana. Grows well in Northern Michigan.

Other. It is a tough tree suited for planting in large-scale landscapes. Catalpa often escapes cultivation and invades surrounding woodlands. As a kid growing up in Lansing my escape was Comstock park and all the many kinds of trees growing there. The catalpas were easy to climb as most had multiple trunks and we would have sword fights with the beans.

Cultivars. The Manchurian catalpa is a small tree from China. Hybrid or tea catalpa. And of course the umbrella catalpa.


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