These photos are mostly from my collection with some help from Kerry Schmidt and other sources.

Photos are of A/1/12 & Hq/1/12         3rd Marine Division


Moe writing home. Skowhegan Skowhegan Moe, Forest Gracey & me Stompo-

Fred Traylor

Fred Trailor

KIA June 1969

Moe & ? ?, F Gracey & Moe


Same as left same as Left Funny Gunny

Gunny Rivera

Funny Gunny Ted Henry Ted again



? at the laundry Dong Ha base Dong Ha Showers Dong Ha Dong Ha
Going out to the battery w/mail FDC somewhere West of

Khe Sanh

same ? ? near Laos ? Delivering mail ARVN on the south side of Fuller in 1971 FB Fuller


Fuller looking towards guns
Dong Ha Mt Dong Ha Mt from the rockpile? View from Dong Ha Mt. view from top Lee (squash) Madosh, me & Al Stewart

Lee died of cancer 2/12/2011

Al Stewart & ? Count Dugo in FDC Kerry Schmidt Kerry Keith Kerry, Keith, Virgil & Captain America View of Razorback from FDC
Dong Ha combat base DMZ Rt 9 map ? Fuller the guns me Me, ? & Virgil Adams West


Khe Sanh

An Hoa