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The Dogwood or Cornus family generally a small shrub to medium tree in size.

Silky Dogwood or Cornus amomum can grow from 6  to 10' and is hardy from zone 4-8. Silky Dogwood leaves are elliptical, 2-4" long with white or brownish hairs on the veins and turn a dark red in the fall. Silky Dogwood has a medium rate of growth and yellowish-white flowers in May. The fruit of the Silky Dogwood are a pale blue 1/4" and are a tasty addition for a birds diet. Silky dogwood are native to the eastern United States generally in wetter areas but is quite adaptable to dryer areas. These dogwoods are relatively disease free.

Flowering Dogwood or Cornus florida can grow 20-40' tall. Cornus florida is hardy from zone 5-9 and some to zone 4. Flowering Dogwood has a medium rate of growth. Leaf shape is typical dogwood, an attractive and different look in the northern landscape. The bark is attractive with the square and rectangle block pattern. Leaves are dark green in summer and a reliable red in fall. The white flowers emerge in April or May on the Flowering Dogwood and are 3-4" across. Flowering Dogwood berries are about 1/2" in diameter in a cluster and birds love em.  Cornus florida is somewhat more disease prone than other dogwood with a few fungus and leaf spot. Flowering Dogwood is one of the finest native flowering trees and is a good specimen tree. There are many cultivars of cornus florida, ours are seed grown for hardiness.

Kousa Dogwood or Cornus kousa can grow from 20-30'. and is hardy from zone 4-8 and can be successfully grown in the south. Kousa Dogwood has the typical dogwood leaf dark green in summer to reddish-purple in the fall. The bark on a Kousa is exfoliating and dark brown. Medium rate of growth. The Kousa dogwood flowers bloom in June in Michigan and are a few weeks later than the flowering Dogwood. We do have a few root container grown Milky Way Kousa Dogwoods available for pickup here at the farm.

Gray Dogwood or Cornus racemosa can grow from 10-15' and is hardy from zone 3-8.  Often grown as a multi-stemed shrub and is a slow grower. Flowers on the Gray Dogwood are born in late May. Gray dogwood is one of the better dogwoods for dry soils. Native from Main to Georgia west to Nebraska. Cornus racemosa is a good shrub around buildings and parks.

Redosier Dogwood or Cornus sericea can grow to 10' and is hardy from zone 2-7. Redosier is a large shrub with bright stems showing off well in winter snows. Berries are white to gray at maturity, preferred as a wildlife food.

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Kousa Dogwood Flower of Kousa dogwood Red Osier Dogwood Red Osier

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Dogwood-Gray Cornus racemosa 6-12"
Dogwood-Kousa Cornus kousa 6-12"
Dogwood-Red Osier Cornus sericea 6-12"
Dogwood-Silky Cornus amomum 6-12"
Dogwood-White Flowering Cornus florida 6-12"

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