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Barberry (Berberis)

             The Barberry is a great all season shrub.  Deer resistance and drought resistance make this a nice low maintenance addition to a yard.  Barberry shrubs also produce fruit that feeds birds and other wildlife throughout the winter months.  I have also read in a few places about barberry thickets being grown to protect seedlings that would be otherwise vulnerable to deer. Considered an invasive specie in many states.

Admiration:  An Exciting dwarf red barberry which has show stopping bright orange-red foliage with contrasting yellow margins.  Leaf color continues throughout the summer, turning bright red in fall. Broad, upright growth requires little or no pruning to maintain.  Beautiful garden border shrub.  Zone 4-8, Height 12-18", Spread 18-24".


Jade Carousel:   A green compact, rounded shrub has beautiful scarlet-orange foliage in the fall.  This barberry has clusters of yellow flowers in the spring and beautiful red berries that last into the winter.  The Jade Carousel works well as a hedge or in a mass planting.  Stems on the Jade Carousel have sharp thorns. Zone: 4-7, Height 3'  Spread 3-5'



Burgundy Carousel This barberry is a Japanese variety.  It has a spreading shape, with a slight droop, and burgundy-purple foliage. Bears bright red fruit throughout the winter for wildlife.  Can be used as an accent or it makes a great hedge because of its thorny branches.  Zones 4-7, Height 3' Spread 4-5'

Limoncello: Forming a tidy, round mound, this new barberry has chartreuse foliage with an unusual red, almost dotted, pattern around the leaf margin. Fall foliage is orange, yellow and red. The bright color and habit make it a good accent plant in foundation plantings. Bred by Don Selinger, Bailey Nurseries, Inc. Zone 4-7 Height 3-4' spread 3-4'


Ruby Carousel:   The first picture above. With beautiful purple-red foliage, this Japanese barberry makes a wonderful hedge or a specimen shrub.  It grows in an upright form.  Blooms with small insignificant purple flowers that form into red berries, which feed wildlife throughout the winter.  Zones 4-7, Height 3-4', Spread 3'


Emerald Carousel: This barberry is a beautiful cross between a green Japanese barberry and a Korean barberry.  The cross between the two produces a hardy shrub with good fruiting and flowering characteristics. In the summer it has a deep green foliage, which turns to a deep red/red-purple color in the fall.  Small yellow flowers producing red berries.  Grows in a rounded shape with arching branches.  Zones 4-7, Height 4-5', Spread 4-5'


Rose Glow:  This variety of barberry has lovely variegated rose-red foliage that matures into a deep maroon color.  It is a compact, round shrub that is used as both a specimen plant and for hedges.  Produces yellow flowers followed by red fruit.


Golden CarouselThis barberry is a hybrid of Korean and Golden Japanese barberry and combines many of the best features of its two parents.  The golden yellow leaves on the upright grower take on nice fall color with some red and orange tones.  Golden Carousel does best when planted in areas of light shade where the leaves are protected from fading or burning in late summer.


Pests. Starting by planting your barberry shrubs in full sun or partial shade and well drained soil will encourage plant health.  Shady and moist conditions encourage pests and disease.  Some of the pests that are attracted to barberry are the Barberry Looper worms, Barberry Webworm, Twobanded Japanese weevils and Barberry aphids.  The barberry is not a plant that is overly susceptible to pest problems.

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