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How to eliminate WEEDS           Digging without a Tree Spade..            How to Plant


Water, fertilizer, no weeds... and no tree spade

If you can put those ingredients together you will have trees that will grow like "weeds" and be easy to dig.


Water is most easily and cheaply delivered thru the drip system. The water is delivered to the  trees thru 1/2" dripper line with emitters at every tree. The main line is usually much larger, 1" to 3" plastic.

The 3,000 trees in the above field are irrigated by a 4" well, 1200 feet away and 50' lower than the trees, fed by a 2" main line. A filter is installed just before the lines split off. Between the filter and the split is a fertilizer injection tank that slowly allows water soluble fertilizer in the dripper line. Some systems will need a pressure regulator to lower the drip pressure to 10 psi to 30 psi. I operate my well to capacity and the pressure remains at 15 psi so I don't use a pressure regulator. Figure 8's are used to shut off the far ends of the 1/2" lines.

Prices for the 1/2" line is 15 cents per foot in 500' rolls. Emitters are 60 cents each, 1/2 GPH to 2 GPH.   1/2" T's are $2.00 each. Figure 8 are $0.40.  Filters cost $29. Pressure regulators are $18.    1" and larger pipe will be cheaper at your local hardware due to shipping costs.  250' rolls of 1 1/2" pipe are usually around 0.80 cents per foot.


   Automatic feeding makes sense for a lot of reasons; it encourages root growth and drought resistance as well as steady growth with no burning and up to 95% absorption and no run off. E-Z Grow feeds through all hose end sprayers, sprinklers, or drip systems. Fill this 3/4 gallon UV treated tank and set the dial; in most 5,000 sq. ft. applications you won't have to refill for 2-3 months. (Poly tank is not for use under constant pressure.) Non-electric, maintenance-free system easily installs at hose bib or directly to 1/2" or larger tubing.  Flow range 2.5 gph and higher. Required PSI 5 min./80 max. Ratios dial in from 50:1 to 2000:1. Works with 3/4 gallon wet, or 5 pounds of dry water soluble fertilizers, as well as fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, etc. Complete kit with connector and fittings ready to install. Back flow preventer required

E-Z Grow injection fertilizer systems start at $60 for the 3/4 gallon model up to $ 85 for the 3 gallon model that I use on my fields.

How to eliminate WEEDS       Digging without a Tree Spade..