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How to eliminate WEEDS       Digging without a Tree Spade..

A Quick Guide to Successful Planting

Proper Care of Nursery Stock 

Porcupine Hollow has put valuable time and effort into the bareroot seedlings you are receiving. We want our quality trees to continue to grow on your land. These are our suggestions for success and satisfaction.

A. Have your area ready to plant before the trees arrive. Be sure to have storage and supplies prior to arrival to handle the stock properly.

B. Since dehydration is one of the biggest factors influencing successful handling of bare root material, it is important that you do not allow the roots to dry out at any time. Keep the plants out of the sun wind and freezing temps at all times. Store in cold storage if possible, at 34-38 degrees F and maintain humidity at 90%+. If cold storage is not available wet the roots and store the plants in a cool, damp location.

For longer storage plants should be trenched or heeled into the soil. Open the bundles and spread the roots out in a trench. Make sure the roots are covered and watered well. Eliminate any air pockets around the roots. 

Planting Preparations 

Evergreen and deciduous seedlings produced at our nursery are adaptable to a broad area of the United States. Seedlings and transplants are easily planted on about any site where enough soil can be compacted firmly around the roots of the seedling. The main reason for proper site preparation is to alleviate the difficult maintenance of the trees and make planting much easier. It is recommended that the site be prepared at least one year before planting. You should till, grade and plant a good cover crop to build the soil, help with erosion and eliminate weed seeds. Check with your Extension office for assistance with preparing the soil. Existing weeds and grass will compete with your new plants and must be controlled with mowing or herbicide. Check with your Extension office for proper herbicide application. We have a sprayer that is fast and efficient in killing weeds.  

Planting Instructions:


1.       Using a flat spade, work the spade back and forth to create a V shaped trench.  Make sure that your trench is deeper than the length of the tree roots. 

2.      Holding the tree by the trunk, use your other hand to push the roots into the bottom of the trench.  Then gently pull the tree back up so that the original dirt line on the tree is level with the ground.  It is very important that the roots are not curled up or to the side in the hole.

3.      Put at least a quart of water into the trench and when it drains down backfill your trench.  Tamping it down with your foot.

4.      To help with moisture retention and weed control, you can place up to an inch of mulch around the tree.  Leave at least an inch of space between the trunk of the tree and the beginning of the mulch.




A 6X6 spacing will require 1,200 trees per acre. 

Planting and Care 

We do not recommend planting fertilizer in the planting hole.

Be sure your seedlings are planted at the proper depth to ensure the roots are entirely covered and that the tree stands upright and firmly in the ground. Be sure to tamp the seedlings down with your boot. If watering becomes necessary check here for information about drip irrigation.