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     Porcupine Hollow Farm makes no warranty regarding its products, merchantability or any other types of guarantee, express or implied.  All of our plants are sold true to form and general species characteristics.  All plants will be shipped in good condition, in proper packaging to extend the viability of the living plant material.  Due caution must be taken by the customer to insure proper care once the trees/shrubs have been received and should be planted as soon as possible.  If any product is not shipped in good condition, buyer must notify Porcupine Hollow Farm within seven days of delivery.  Then the buyer, as directed by Porcupine Hollow Farm, must hold or return the product to Porcupine Hollow Farm for inspection and/or replacement.  In no event will Porcupine Hollow Farm be responsible for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages of the buyer, including lost profits, even if Porcupine Hollow Farm has been advised of the possibility of such losses.  With recognition our dependency on and exposure to the elements, all orders are subject to crop conditions.  A few of such (but not limited to) are following; Frost, Inventory Error, Flooding, Hail, Fungal Infections and Insect Damage.

**Requested and planned ship dates are accommodated to the best of our ability.  Due to weather conditions, there is no guarantee that materials will  ship on the requested date.  Our stock is freshly dug before shipping.  Once the materials are given to the shipper we cannot change the shipping address and we have no control over delays in shipping.  We are not responsible for reshipping materials that did not arrive in time because of customer errors in address input. 

     Orders under $200 are charged at the time the trees are reserved.  For orders over $200, a deposit of 25% will be due at the time at the time the trees are reserved.  The balance is due two weeks before the scheduled ship date for the trees. Cancellations forfeit deposit in most cases. Orders over $3,000 paid by credit card will be charged 3% to cover the card fees we are charged. There are no fees when order is paid by check.   Cancellations forfeit deposits in most cases.  If we are able to cancel the trees and we refund the deposit, we will.  Some factors include the size of the order, how close we are to shipping the order and whether these have been held for a customer for a length of time that makes reselling the trees not possible.  If estimated shipping does not cover the actual shipping cost, the difference in cost will be billed after shipping.                                                                                                         

     Happy Growing,

Pat and Molly


**  Please note:  We want you to be a happy customer!  Our goal is to do everything we can to make your experience with our farm a fantastic one.  While our legal obligation ends with the stock leaving our farm in good condition, we will try to put in extra effort whenever we possibly can.


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