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Pat, Frankie, Molly & Maggy Hanlon






Thanks Molly for the watering info...Extremely pleased with all the trees and shrubs i have ordered...they are all thriving incredibly well...

will send some photos when i have a chance...




The trees you sent are beautiful.

The shagbark had great roots, great looking trees.

Everything arrived in good order.

Thank you very much



Last Saturday I was able to pick up my trees at the post office.  Wow!

 The White Spruce look great and the two Ponderosa Pines are awesome.

They've all been in the ground for a week now and look healthy.

Thanks for taking care of this customer.

I've been looking at some of your hardwood offerings and the Red Oak

looks like something I might order in the spring.  Will try to get

friends to join me with a multi-tree order.



I went to the post office and picked up my tree.  Very nice tree!!!!  Thank you very much!!!



A quick note to thank you for your help with the pear trees…they arrived yesterday…and they are perfect!

Happy Holidays to you! Thanks again very much….we appreciate it!



(Our customer) got her seedling, said it was beautiful, and to tell you thank you! KS


(Pre-wrapped wedding seedlings)

Thank you for the wonderful service. The Spruce trees were perfect, everyone loved them. The kids displayed them in burlap bags, with a sign that read "Plant some love and watch  it grow."


Doug received 50 of our 2/3' Norway Spruce

Just finished planting the 50 trees i received yesterday. They are amazing! Two of my neighbors came over and i think they will be ordering some also. They exceeded my expectations! Thanks , Doug H.


Owners of Porcupine Hollow Farm:


I am writing this brief note to thank you for refunding the charge of $24.00 on my recent shipment. When I spoke to the gentleman who answered the phone the other day about this matter, he indicated that he had taken my order and told me that if he had said me that there would be no  charge then he would simply refund the money back to my account. I especially appreciate the fact that he did not question me, argue about my request or doubt the veracity of my account. Such a forthright response is most unusual and extremely refreshing.


Consequently, I want to let you know that because of the quality of the product I received and the handling of this matter, I will be one of your loyal customers. I will recommend and refer your services to my neighbors and will utilize your company when I place my next order. Although, I recognize that I will not be your largest customer, you can be assured that I will be one of your most supportive.


Thank you.


Z. W.



February 15, 2016


I have been meaning to write to you since last summer! Attached are pictures of our amazing balsam firs planted with care from this order in May of 2008 on a south facing slope in Belmont, Maine. Of the hundred we planted, we lost only 2. They have been vigorous and wonderful since day one. Many are already 8-10 feet tall and serve our purpose of view blocking admirably. I mow around them and enjoy walking among them. I thought you would enjoy seeing the tiny trees after only 8 years!!


Best regards,

Maurice and Dale B.


( The growth in Maine even surprised me from 8-14" transplants!!) See photos below. Pat@ Porcupine Hollow.


Thanks so much - the trees arrived today.  Boy, they look great and smell
wonderful!!!  Thanks so much for your attentive service.  Our planting
event should be a big hit, thanks to you.
Pam B.
Medford Garden Club

Thank you so much for finding Pine hill farms for me.  I've contacted them and there sending me a catalogue.
Again, I really appreciate what you did, if you're ever in my area please look me up.
Mike McCoul     Nova Scotia, Canada
On May 30, 2004, starider7 wrote:

A few weeks ago, I found Porcupine Hollow Farm on the internet, and since it is only about an hour, I elected to drive over. Prices off the lot are different from the online prices for obvious reasons (bare root vs. b&b or potted). The selection was good, with a LOT of larger trees. I purchased a clump of 4 White Spire Birch trees, 1 Brandywine Crabapple, 1 Northfire Maple, and 2 Meadowlark Forsythia bushes. The Birch was about 12' tall, the other two trees about 10'-11'. All in all, excellent specimens. Pat, the owner, is very knowledgeable, and helped me choose good trees for my criteria. I planted them a couple of weeks ago, and they are flourishing, including blooms on the crabapple, and new growth already on everything. I highly recommend them for both price and quality. I cannot attest to the online experience though as I went there in person.


Thank you so much!  They are beautiful.  Could you please tell me how to prepare the soil so they best adapt.  Remember, I am first planting them in very tall and narrow plastic vases.  This is how I will give them to the students as gifts.  Also, there are a bunch left over that I want to plant on my property.  I want to make sure they get the proper sunlight, and soil mixture.  Anyway, Thanks again.  You are a wonderful person. 

PS How does one get started in your line of business.  I would love to learn to grow Japanese red maples from seeds and sell them at a profit from my home.

Merrick, N.Y.

Hi, Pat,

Thank you for your wonderful Hansa roses.  I purchased them late in June,  so I was concerned about their acclimatizing in their new home.
I have been purchasing bare root rugosa roses (mostly Hansa) for the last 15 years, and yours were the healthiest and best developed lot
that I have ever seen.  All ten plants took extremely well and are thriving.   We have planted  them in three different suburbs of
Cleveland -- 6 by  the lake (Lakewood),  2 in Parma (southern suburb, but not snowbelt yet),  and 2 in North Royalton (southern snowbelt).  
Summer precipitation is different in all three areas.  This year Lakewood is suffering from a total drought, so watering is essential. 
Parma is not much better off.  North Royalton has enjoyed a few rainfalls.
Thank you for such wonderful plants.  You will be my rose provider from now on.

I will probably place another Hansa order for Spring 06, but after that, I am not certain how often I will be able to accommodate 10
plants at a time ---  unless we move just so that I can plant roses all over again.

   December 1, 2005

Dear Hanlon family,

  Just a note of thanks for helping us secure our very large Christmas tree on to our small car - we were the couple with the silver grand am. The tree is beautiful-we decked it out with ornaments from our childhood and were looking forward to having family and friends over to see it...and hear the story about how we got it. :) Thank you again - we enjoyed meeting you and Maggy.

             Sincerely, Marcie & Schuyler

                                             MERRY CHRISTMAS !

To whom it may concern,
Just wanted you to know that our buying experience with Porky farm has been a pleasurable one and from that you have a loyal customer.  Last year I ordered 100 red maples.  Instead, I received 100 Dogwoods.  I called about the mix-up and it was rectified immediately by sending out the correct amount/species.  What's more, You took my word for it without even asking for proof and to top it off you told me to keep the first incorrect order for free!  While that was not necessary and I offered to pay for and keep the first batch of dogwoods also, you refused to hear about it and told me to keep them.  Mistakes are made by us all but it's what we do about them that defines us.  Thanks again and by the way both batches of trees are just beautiful (except the ones the rabbits had there way with.) 
God bless,
The Roddy's

 Just wanted to let you know that the Norway maple seedlings arrived Wednesday, and they look wonderfully healthy. Thank you so much for being so prompt in fixing the mix up with the order. I've been busy potting the seedlings and getting my project ready to go.

Thanks Pat,

Received my order today. The seedlings look good.

Definitely I will give you very good reviews on internet to promote your business.