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Beautyberry 'Issai' - Callicarpa dichotoma 'Issai'

Zone 5-8

Height 3-4' Spread 3-4'


Habitat:  Sun to part sun.  Drought tolerant, once plant is established.  Loves moist well drained soils.  Does not do well in brackish water.  It can tolerate a small amount of salt spray.  Does best when protected from direct spray.

Habit:  Considered a fast grower.  This variety of Beautyberry grows 3-4' high and spreads 3-4'.  Compact and rounded form.  Beautyberry is great for wildlife.  It provides cover, nectar for butterflies when in bloom and the fruit is loved by birds.

Leaves:  Leaves are a dark blue-green and turn yellow to purplish in the fall.

Fruit:  Striking lavender-purple berry clusters that remain after the leaves have dropped from the shrub.  Fruits are 1/6" wide and cluster in groups of 30-40.  Abundant fruiting even on young plants.  This variety is know for early fruiting.

Flowers:  Small pink flowers.  Flowers bloom on new wood, so pruning should be done in late winter or early spring. 

Distribution:  Grows well in zones 5-8.



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