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Crimson King Maple        Acer Platanoides

Crimson King Maples have an excellent dense maroon red foliage all summer. Straight trunk with a well shaped crown. A Crimson king will give you dense shade when mature. The leaves on a Crimson King are similar in shape to a Sugar Maple but like most Norway Maples they do suffer from leaf scorch which browns the leaf edges in late summer. Tar spots can be a minor problem on the leaves of a Crimson King but seldom do any harm. Crimson King trunks can crack from sunscald on the southern side during the winter in zone 4 causing some trunk decay, but the tree usually remains intact. Crimson King will attain a height of 50' or more and are hardy from zone 4-7. The tree is easily transplanted, grows quickly, is adapted to a wide variety of soils including alkaline, sand, clay and acid soils. We grow Crimson King maples in rootbags up to 3" diameter trunks and 15' high. This simplifies the digging process and assures of nearly summer long digging. Crimsons can also tolerate coastal conditions. Crimson King also tolerates extremely dry soils and polluted air. Well adapted to street tree plantings, it is often overused. Crimson King Maple's dense shade and shallow root system competes with lawn grasses, and the shallow roots can make mowing under the tree difficult. The shallow roots can heave sidewalks so be certain to locate the tree 4 to 6 feet away. The bark is dark with furrows. Branches sometimes fail from too much weight toward the end of the branch. The flowers appear in March or April before the leaves pop out and are greenish yellow. The Crimson like all the Norway family put on a good display with their flowers. Seeds germinate readily in the landscape in the fall and can become a nuisance.
 Crimson King Maples are sometimes erroneously called Red Maple which is actually a green leaf Maple. We also sell Royal Red Maple which is a slightly more compact and somewhat slower growing version of the Crimson King.

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Crimson King Maple in the spring Our 8' Crimson King Maple run from 9-10' in height. note the dense, compact root.
Crimson King Maple in our field 6' Crimson King Whip the first year after planting

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