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Japanese Black Pine  Pinus thunbergii  Zone 6-8 

Height 10-25' Spread 10-25' rarely to 70'


Habitat.  Grows best on fertile, moist, well drained soils. Can grow on dry sandy soils once established and do well in clay soils. Tolerates salt well so a good choice for seaside plantings and heavily salted roads where other pines and evergreens refuse to grow. Japanese Black Pine prefer full sun. We can get needle burn here when the temperature approaches minus 15 but we have been growing Japanese black pine here for 15 years and does not appear to permanently damage the tree.


Leaves. The needles of the Japanese Black Pine are very dark green, of the two needle type, 3.25" long, rigid, thick, sharply pointed and twisted. The needles last from 3 to 5 years. . Probably the darkest green of all the northern pines.


Flowers. Inconspicuous


Fruit. The cones of the Japanese Black pine are 1.5-3" long and 1-1.75" wide, some what prickly and light brown.


Winter Buds. The buds are .25 to .5" long and as usual for pines form at tip of the branches.


Bark. Mature trunks on Japanese black pines have broad, dark fissured plates with a bit of yellow similar to Austrian Pine.


Wood. The wood is light, soft with wide rings as with any of the fast growing pines.


Pests. The pine wilt nematode is a problem on the east coast.


Distribution. Native to Japan and Korea. Commonly planted along the eastern seashore


Other. A well known tree to the banzai enthusiast. Can be trained into some spectacular forms. The Japanese Black Pine is also a fine specimen tree as it pretty much grows whatever way it pleases. We have them available as larger container grown trees or as smaller seedlings. The seedlings are UPS shippable, larger ones have to be picked up here at the farm.





Japanese pine transplants

Japanese black pine bonsai

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