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Norway Spruce                 Z 3 to 7      H 40-60'           Picea abies

Norway Spruce is a graceful pyramidal evergreen. Norway Spruce is the fastest growing of the spruce and can grow up to 3' per year. Pyramidal and graceful when mature. Norway Spruce have beautiful spreading branches with drooping twigs. The needles persist for 3-4 years and are dark green and blunt compared to Blue Spruce. The cones on a Norway Spruce are long (4-6") purple when young (see picture below). Norway has good survival in ice storms. Squirrels love to collect the cones for seed. I found a couple hundred Norway Spruce cones all lined up in 3 rows outside my barn a few years ago and thought the kids laid them out. A couple of days later I spotted a red squirrel carrying more Norway cones to the rows. The little guy was stashing them in the barn for the winter. Norway Spruce were once used as masts on sailing ships. Norway Spruce is the major tree in the Black Forest of Germany. Native to most of north and central Europe. Norway Spruce was grown as a Christmas tree and is becoming more popular for that purpose again because of it's dense dark green color. Useful for grafting purposes. Norway Spruce can be moved easily balled and burlapped or with rootbags and can grow well in wet areas. Norway Spruce prefer a cool climate but can be set back by -30 temperatures. Norway Spruce prefer full sunlight. Norway Spruce pests: Mites can be a  problem.  Eastern Spruce gall aphid forms pineapple like galls at the base of twigs. Galls caused by Cooley's Spruce gall aphid cause browning at the branch tips. Bagworms can be a problem. In northern climates, Spruce budworm larvae eat the developing buds and young needles. The Spruce needle miner digs a small hole in the base of a needle then mines out the center. Pine needle scale is a white, elongated scale found feeding on the needles only. Sawfly larvae may feed on the needles. Borers can infest trees which are weakened by other problems. A row of Norway Spruce will work well for a fast growing wind break or hedge. To buy Norway Spruce seedlings or for prices on a Norway Spruce see the drop down menu below. We also have Blue Spruce, Black Spruce, Black Hill Spruce, Engelman Spruce, White Spruce, Meyeri Spruce and Serbian Spruce. To search other evergreen prices click blue link below.

Currently we do not carry any cultivars of the Norway Spruce.

Cultivars of Picea abies There are over 80 cultivars or genetic variations of the Norway Spruce. We will try to highlight these as time allows.

Perry's Gold is a brightly colorful evergreen in the spring. It's color varies from yellow to white and greens up later in the year. It is generally a small tree as compared to the regular Norway spruce and tends to be slower growing and have denser foliage.

Virgata: This is a Weeping Norway Spruce and is also called a snake branch spruce. The lower branches hang down and look similar to a weeping willow but is an evergreen giving it the snake branch look.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce: Originally found as a small group of trees in Alberta Canada in 1904 and brought back to the States to cultivate. Readily available at most local nurseries in the typical range of the Norway spruce. The typical growth rate is about 1-2 inches per year and may attain 6 foot in 20 years from a 3 foot planting. Some years ago I had a customer arrive with a dwarf Alberta spruce in her trunk that she said was dead. She was hopping mad at brand X nursery down the road. I could not convince her that it was alive and well but just had a bare patch on 1 side that would fill in if she gave it time.  sold her a tree of ours and off she went. Now this spruce is looking real good and is in my collection of salvaged trees.

Maxwellii: These are low growing forms of norway spruce that were originally witches brooms.


Doug received 50 of our 2/3' Norway Spruce

Just finished planting the 50 trees i received yesterday. They are amazing! Two of my neighbors came over and i think they will be ordering some also. They exceeded my expectations! Thanks , Doug H.





We have Norway Spruce up to 15'. Call for B+B prices.
Young cones on Norway Spruce 5 yr Norway Spruce seedling 2-3 20-30" Norway Spruce Mature Norway Spruce

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