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A perennial plant, peonies are a great choice for any garden.  They bloom year after year, are dear resistant and make wonderful cut flowers.

Chestine Gowdy Peony - Paeonia 'Chestine Gowdy'

The double pink flowers have creamy yellow, double centers creating a nice two-tone effect. May have fine red edges too.  Strong stems and excellent fragrance makes them great cut flowers. 2' tall, 2' wide.  Grows best in zones 3-7 and in full sun.

Nippon Beauty- Paeonia 'Nippon Beauty'

Deep red outer petals surround inner petals of creamy white to yellow, creating a striking color contrast. Great cut flower. Grows to 3' tall and 2' wide.  Prefers full sun and is a late season bloomer. Great fragrence and perfect for cut flowers.

Prairie Afire - Paeonia 'Prairie afire'

Double pink Japanese type peony. The deeep rose, red and yellow in the center of the fire make the center of the flower look like a fire.  Mid- season bloomer. This peony matures at 3' tall, 2-3' wide, growing zones 3-7. Prefers full sun.

Shawnee Chief - Paeonia 'Shawnee Chief'

This peony has double, deep red blossoms and is known for vigorous growth.  It's long stems make it a great cut flower.  Matures at 2.5' tall, 2-3' wide and prefers full sun in growing zones 3-8.

White Eagle - Paeonia 'White Eagle'

Beautiful, large pure white blooms that resemble a rose. Wonderful as a cut flower and does well drying too.  Early to mid-season bloomer.  Matures at 2.5' tall, 2-3' wide and grows well in full sun.  Growing zones 3-7.



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