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Wedding Gifts

6-12" Norway Spruce 3-6" Blue Spruce in Mylar bags Tags on wedding trees


6-12" white oak*


We have many tree seedlings for wedding favors. The all time favorite is Blue Spruce but white pine or one of the hardwoods such as sugar maple or red oak are great. The shipping season for evergreen wedding favors runs from August all the way through June. The shipping season for hardwood wedding favors is mid October through June. These are a bit behind the evergreens as they don't go dormant quite as early.

The prices for the seedlings can be found by clicking on the blue link below. You can put the tree in a baggy with peat moss, seal with a twisty-tie and wrap bag with burlap. Another good wrapping is Mylar squares as in the middle photo which can be found at party supply stores. Or....we can put the trees in a clear sleeve with moist packing material and wrap them in burlap for $2.00 per tree up to 100, 101 to 250 is $1.50 extra and 251 and up is $1. These are also an excellent idea for company parties, sales events, funerals, wedding and family gifts. Call if you have any questions.

 *Hardwoods will be dormant and have no leaves.


To order Wedding Favors by PHONE: We're glad to take your order by phone. For your convenience, phone 231-544-6769.  Phone orders can be charged to VISA, American Express or MasterCard accounts.

To order Wedding favors by MAIL: For those who wish to order by mail or prefer to send a check, send orders to: Porcupine Hollow Farm   8593 W. State Rd.  Central Lake, Mi. 49622

To buy Wedding  seedlings using our secure shopping cart:

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Shipping & Handling: Most orders are shipped UPS. Make sure we have your street address and a daytime phone number.

Please include 20% shipping and packaging with your order.

    Minimum shipping $15    

Michigan Residents add 6% sales tax.