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Chinkapin Oak     Quercus muehlenbergii

Zone 5-7

Chinkapin Oak also called Yellow Chestnut Oak, Bray Oak, chestnut oak, rock chestnut oak, rock oak or yellow oak has a fast growth rate for an Oak, maturing with a broad round crown at about 60-70'. It is a native Oak from Minnesota to Vermont, Florida to Texas. Its common name comes from the resemblance of its leaves to the chestnut trees. The scientific name is in honor of Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst Muhlenberg (1753-1815), a Lutheran pastor. The national champion Chinkapin Oak is in Clark County, Ky and is 110' by 92'. The Chinkapin Oak is in the White Oak family. The  leaves on a Chinkapin Oak are slightly lobed, 4-6" long, very lustrous dark yellow green in summer, turning a yellow or yellow-brown in fall.  The bark is dark grey and rough. Chinkapin Oak acorns are on average 1" long, the cup covers 1/2 the nut. The acorns are tasty for humans and animals. Will tolerate a wide range of soils including very alkaline soils. Chinkapin Oak is drought tolerant when mature but can also grow on wet soils.  Well-adapted to alkaline soils, sandy soils, poor drainage, and high clay content. Chinkapin Oak grows best in full sun. Excellent lumber tree. Diseases and pests: none of major concern and are generally your typical oak pests, tent caterpillars, gypsy moth and powdery mildew. Always prune Oaks while dormant to protect from Oak wilt. Chinkapin Oak can be difficult to transplant because of the taproot.  If you are planning to grow Chinkapin Oaks for landscape sales we highly recommend our root growing bags for easy transplanting. We highly recommend tilling the soil before planting the Oaks to reduce weed competition. Our Oak seedlings and transplants are very easy to plant and on well worked soils with a 1 man gas powered auger with a 6" bit the job can be done very efficiently. These can be rented at most hardware stores.

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Mature Chinkapin Oak Chinkapin Oak leaf

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Oak-Chinkapin Quercus muehlenbergii 4-6"

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