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Apples -Malus domestica

All grafted apples are dwarf, 4-6' tall and priced at $42 each, 5-9 at $38 and 10 or more $32.

The domestic apple is in the Rosaceae ( rose) family which is one of the largest of the plant families and is widely distributed throughout the temperate parts of the world. The genus for apple is Pyrus which includes pear, mountain ash, quince and apple.  The apple flower is generally white with tints of red-pink. Apple is one of the later blooming of the fruit trees and as such it is better suited for those of us who live in areas where late frosts are common. Apples can crow from 6' for the most dwarf to 40 foot in the common apple. We sell the common apple rootstock for grafting and for affordable wildlife food. Prices for the common apple are found at the bottom of this page. We also have grafted dwarf apples in the chart below. The wood of the apple is aromatic, hard, heavy and makes excellent firewood and smoking wood. Apples have the widest range of all the fruit trees in the states and are common from Maine to Georgia.

Apples have been domesticated for thousands of years and seem to have their origins in Eurasia. Apples were probably the first fruit brought over to America by the first European settlers. Of course we have all heard of Johnny Appleseed, born John Chapman in 1774. Johnny was a trained nurseryman who had a 1,200 acre orchard of his own. About 1800 he started his trek westward distributing apple seed he obtained from cider presses back in Pennsylvania. I do believe he passed this way before his death in 1845 and my hundreds of wild apples prove so.

The most popular apple in Northern Michigan is the Honeycrisp and is available by the apple or the bushel at Kings Orchard in Central Lake or Good Nature Farms in Kewadin (231-264-5300). If you are growing for sale then the Honeycrisp is for you.  By the bushel it sells for more than double other apples. The climate of west Michigan and Antrim county in particular is excellent for fruit production with Lake Michigan providing ample moisture and tempering the extremes of weather. Make sure you have a spot with at least some air drainage, a small hill will do, the colder the climate the higher hill you will need.


Apple skin ripening
Yellow Delicious yellow July
Lodi Yellow July
Summer McIntosh red August
Crimson Gala red September
Red McIntosh red September
Honey Crisp red September
Cortland red October
Crown Empire red October
Golden Delicious yellow October
Red Delicious red October
Northern Spy red October
Granny Smith green November
Red Winesap red November
Red Rome red November


All peaches are on dwarf rootstock, 4-6' tall and priced at $42 each, 5-9 at $38 and 10 or more $32.

Peaches are self fruitful which means you only need 1 tree to bear fruit. Reliance is the hardiest but not near as tasty as the other peaches.

Type skin ripening
Flamin Fury yellow August
Sunhigh yellow August
Redhaven yellow August
Reliance yellow August
Victoria yellow September

Tart Cherries

Tart cherries are self pollinators, on dwarf rootstock, 4-6' tall and priced at $42 each, 5-9 at $38 and 10 or more $32.

Type skin ripening
Balaton red mid July
Montmorency red late July

Sweet Cherries

Sweet cherries need a pollinator and it must be a different variety. All cherries are on dwarf rootstock, 4-6' tall and priced at $42 each, 5-9 at $38 and 10 or more $32.

Type skin ripening
Lapins red July
Stardust yellow July
Royalton black July


All of our plums are self pollinating, on dwarf rootstock, 4-6' tall and priced at $42 each, 5-9 at $38 and 10 or more $32..

Type skin ripening
Santa Rosa        red August
Shiro Yellow August
Stanley          purple August


All of our pears are on dwarf rootstock, 4-6' tall and priced at $42 each, 5-9 at $38 and 10 or more $32.

Type skin ripening
Clapp's Favorite yellow August
Sekel yellow September
Bartlett yellow September



To buy fruit tree seedlings by PHONE: We're glad to take your order by phone. For your convenience call 231-544-6769.  Phone orders can be charged to VISA, AmEx, Discover or MasterCard accounts.

To buy fruit tree seedling by MAIL: For those who wish to order by mail or prefer to send a check, send orders to: Porcupine Hollow Farm   8593 W. Old State Rd.  Central Lake, Mi. 49622

To order fruit tree seedlings using our secure shopping cart:

Plant Type Age Size Quanity / Price
Apple for Eating - McIntosh 4-5ft
Apple for Eating-Autumn Gala 4-5ft
Apple for Eating-Crimson Gala 4-5ft
Apple for Eating-Crown Empire 4-5ft
Apple for Eating-Fuji 18"
Apple for Eating-Golden Delicious 4-5ft
Apple for Eating-Granny Smith 4-5ft
Apple for Eating-Honeycrisp 3ft
Apple for Eating-Jonathon 3ft
Apple for Eating-Lodi 4-5ft
Apple for Eating-Mutsu 3ft
Apple for Eating-Red Delicious 3ft
Apple for Eating-Stayman Winesap 3ft
Apple for Eating-Summer McIntosh Red 4-5ft
Apple for Eating-Yellow Delicious 4-5ft
Apple-Common Malus domestica 6-12"
Crabapple-American Malus coronaria 6-12"
Crabapple-Dolgo Malus x 'Dolgo' 6-12"
Crabapple-Magenta Malus x 'Magenta' 6-12"
Crabapple-Midwest Manchurian Malus baccata 'Mandshurica' 6-12"
Crabapple-Prairie Malus ioensis 6-12"
Crabapple-Roselow Sargent Malus sargentii 'Roselow' 6-12"

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