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Canadian Hemlock  Tsuga canadensis  Zone 3-7

Habitat. Canadian Hemlocks can grow to 100' tall with a 35' spread. A tapering, pyramidal tree with drooping branches.  Hemlocks are an easily transplanted conifer and grows well in a variety of soils. Prefers part shade but will do well in full shade or sun. Hemlock are found most commonly mixed with white cedar or arborvitae and yellow birch in low lying areas in the upper Midwest. Hemlocks like moisture.

Leaves. Canadian Hemlock has short flat needles varying from dark green to light green during the growing season. Underside silvery. Spirally arranged around the branch.  1/2 inch long. Persist for 3 years.

Flowers. Hemlock flower in May in Michigan. Light yellow, about 1/2".

Fruit. The cones on a Hemlock are small rounded 3/4" long, ripen in the fall and are eaten by ruffed grouse and squirrels. Rabbits and deer eat the twigs. Very ornamental.

Winter Buds. Red brown.

Bark. Twigs are brown, hairy, as they age becoming gray brown. Old trunks are thick, grey brown and deeply furrowed. Bark on hemlock is rich in tannin.

Wood. Light, coarsed grained, soft, reddish brown, 26 pcf. Warps little, strong, splits easy, warps little. Not normally used for lumber as the knots are nearly as hard as steel. Many of the older houses in Northern Michigan are built with Hemlock beams and rafters.

Uses. Railroad ties, boxes and sheathing. 

Pests. Probably the most damaging is the Hemlock wooly adelgid. This insect is killing most stands of hemlock. I was in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania about 2009 and the scene was pure destruction. Dead hemlocks everywhere. It has been found in isolated spots in SW lower Michigan. Check the underside of the needles for white cottony spots.

Distribution. Canadian Hemlock are native to the eastern third of the USA and Canada. Nova Scotia to southern Ontario, Michigan to Minnesota to across the Mason-Dixon line. Also in the mountains of the southeast.

Other. Canadian Hemlock or Eastern Hemlock is a graceful pyramidal tree with drooping foliage of spray-like appearance. Somewhat of a scraggly appearance. As a specimen planting Canadian Hemlock can't be beat, it's rugged, wild look stands as a stark contrast to the simple shape of a pine. There is a group of beautiful, mature Hemlocks growing along sandstone creek in Ledges park near Grand Ledge, Michigan that approach in size the old growth White Pine in the Porcupine Mountains of Michigan.Shelter small plants from drying winds. Canadian Hemlocks stand shearing and moderate pruning well and are excellent as hedges or a wind break. Makes handsome graceful ornamental plantings. Easy to transplant. A Hemlock may be right for you. Makes a poor Christmas tree as it has poor needle retention.

Cultivars. Numerous, dwarf, compact and others are available.


18-24" Hemlock transplant 18-24"  Hemlock hedge 4-5' Hemlock 4-5' Eastern Hemlock Mature hemlock bark

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